Cameo Necklace of Horned Deity

Cameo Necklace of “The Horned Deity: Head Mount” $45.00

By: Alice Zilberberg | Location: Toronto, Ontario


Handmade in Toronto, Canada by a local jewellery designer.

Printed on high quality paper with glass on top of alloy antique bronze setting.



30 x 40mm (inside)

Conversion: 1 mm = 0.0394 inch

26″ chain which hangs long. (13″ when closed)


**Limited copies currently available



From the “Goddess Almighty” series, the image personifies a nature goddess taken back to her origins, questioning our values and treatment of the natural environment and the state of the earth. It portrays the goddess as a woman that is powerful, capable and defeating.

This piece is produced in multiples.

About Alice Zilberberg

Zilberberg merges traditional photography and computer illustration, creating images that bridge the platforms of photography and painting. Her work marries reality and fantasy, echoing elements of surrealism and baroque art. Using photo-manipulation metaphorically, her images explore themes such as female power, the natural environment, personal identity, and the human condition.