Battling Souls $8,500.00

By: Anya Droug | Location: Toronto, Ontario


60 x 84″

Oil, gesso, gold leaf on canvas


**NOTE: Due to its size, this piece is only available for in-studio pickup (Toronto).

This is an original, one of a kind piece.

About Anya Droug



I love everyday moments that are ordinary at first glance and could pass by unnoticed. The canvas lets us both explore them closer as we each see them.


Brushstrokes. Colours. Energy. When I paint, common scenes and familiar images suddenly transcend my usual perception of them and show me and each viewer something new.


I try not to sway the audience in any direction. Each painting unlocks something for them. Maybe a new narrative or an old story or an archetype reimagined.


When that connection is made between a person and my piece, my work is complete.