Camille Ouellette

Medium: Jewellery Design | Location: Montréal, Québec
Hello there! My name is Camille Ouellette and I am the owner and designer of the brand Camillette Jewelry. Camillette is all about refined and modern handmade jewelry. Noble and contemporary materials are elegantly combined to produce minimalist yet fine jewelry pieces. Geometric shapes and contrasting textures, materials and colors are at the hearth of her work. Designed and made in Montreal, Canada.


The Random Collection is inspired by fabric and pattern design. The simple, geometric shape of the piece enhances the intricate pattern of cut out random lines. 14K gold plated brass, rose gold plated bronze, steel and silver are combined to add a subtle touch of color.


As a young adult, I took an introduction class to jewelry making and I was instantly hooked. I completed my studies in industrial designer and then specialized in sustainability. I worked as a sustainability consultant for the past five years. On and off, I kept on making jewelry in my free time. I took various classes to gain experience and know-how in jewelry making. Being partly self-taught, I also learned a lot by trial and error and making (sometimes) mistakes.


Originally from Montreal, I moved to California in 2013 where I transformed a small garage into a jewelry workshop. This is when the idea to create Camillette Jewelry took root. In the Spring 2015, I made the full leap and decided to become a (almost) full-time jewelry designer. I recently moved back to Montréal where I work in a shared workspace.


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