Cindy Goble

Medium: Style | Location: London, Ontario

Gōble is an emerging Canadian luxury knit wear brand, inspired by the refined style of its founder. With a passion for knitting, travel, art, fashion and fitness, Cindy’s own lifestyle serves as inspiration for her designs.  Based on a premise that dressing well should be effortless and comfortable, the brand develops luxury hand knits for the busy woman.  Classic yet modern, each piece is created to make life more beautiful with ease and elegance.  The collection’s nonchalance and style can be taken from the ballroom, to the boardroom, to the ski chalet, to the outdoors.

Cold weather is part of Canada’s identity.  There are no better judges of Cindy Goble’s knits than those for whom they are designed.  With 100% production in Canada, the company is committed to outstanding craftsmanship, integrity and quality pieces.

A craft that Cindy learned from her German/Lithuanian mother Elly, and perfected for the love of her daughter Grace,  is infused with their signature bohemian aesthetic and is represented by an engraved sterling silver heart charm identifying it is “made with love”.

This collection caters to women who desire exclusivity, quality and distinction as well as protective functions. Our pieces combine high quality innovative yarns while incorporating touches of fur throughout. Cindy’s knits are produced with love and without time pressure.  Carefully and masterfully created by qualified knitters, a luxury can emerge less from material motivation than from ideal appreciation.