Emanuel Pavao

Medium: Mixed Media | Location: Toronto, Ontario

Toronto artist Emanuel Pavao creates streetscape art of his city with a medium few others have attempted, Household tape.  His use of a variety of tape including duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape and resin have earned him multiple Mixed Media awards and recognition amongst his peers as a creative original with an interesting perspective on the urban landscape.  His subject matter often captures graffiti clad trucks, iconic landmarks, abandoned buildings, hidden storefronts, hidden messages, street wires, shadowy figures, colourful murals and everyday transportation vehicles.  Emanuel’s work exemplifies a mixture of industry, urban culture and modern day society.


“I was once asked by a newspaper reporter how I go about creating beautiful art.  My answer was that creating beautiful art is not my goal.  Beautiful art is subjective but capturing the essence of a moment is what interests me. I look for the truth and the sincere.”