Commission a Painting: 18″ x 24″ $550.00

By: Erin Crowley | Location: Toronto, Ontario


Acrylic on canvas

Made ready to hang

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About Erin Crowley

My artwork is inspired by natural landscapes and the duality of land versus sky.


My standard pieces are considered mixed media, which technically means that I use two or more mediums in each piece of art. I build texture by pressing leaves and plant material into a layer or two of flexible plaster and I use a variety of acrylic paint and gel mediums in layers to create the colour. It's a playful process that means every piece is completely unique.


My commission pieces are a simplified version of my standard pieces done by reducing the use of material to just acrylic paint and canvas, while keeping the subject to only clouds and a horizon. This simplified process has expanded my ability to create customized colour combinations while still representing this series of work and creating pieces that are completely unique.