Serving Platter (Asian Eggplant) $80.00

By: Marianne Chemla | Location: Montréal, Québec


Serving Platter

Porcelain ~ Cone 6 firing

14½”x 13½”x 3″


Porcelain clay is rolled out and imprinted with the tips of my fingers. The textured slab of clay is placed into a mold and the edges are cut with scissors or left, as is. The surface is inspired by rain falling on water or the textured ocean floor.



This is an original, one of a kind piece.

About Marianne Chemla

Marianne works mainly with porcelain, throwing and hand-building pottery and sculptures. She finds much of her inspiration in nature: horizons, geological formations, snow landscapes, stillness, and the natural expression of clay. Her porcelain pottery work is sensitive, organic, simple and elegant. She also has been exploring silkscreening, drawing and painting on ceramic tiles, sometimes incorporating whimsical thoughts and poetic phrases or words, creating little ceramic 'tableaux'.