Rob Croxford

Medium: Painting ~ Mixed media | Location: Toronto, Ontario

Rob is a full time artist and lives in Toronto. Since 2004, he has shown in over 60 group/solo exhibitions and completed almost 600 works of art! Rob is represented in galleries across Ontario and is part of the City of Toronto Art Collection, and the private collections of Mayor Phyllis Morris, Alex Lifeson, Stuart McLean & Ann Marie MacDonald.

“I have a number of series’ of paintings that I continue to paint regularly. Some are my interpretation of landscape/urban paintings, other work (such as my Mixed Message and Tin Toy Series) are just for fun! My newest work from my “Sign of the Times Series” employ a collage-like approach, but are rendered in a technique that may be considered ‘trompe l’oeil’.

It is my intention to entertain but also to challenge people to re-examine their opinions about our values, our traditions and our community/world.”

Rob’s vintage-style work is quite playful, mostly clever, slightly twisted, and often has a “pocket-sized” political edge. Rob, as a professional artist/entertainer/ activist/smarty-pants is always looking for new ways to challenge and amuse!  His work can be found in “The Hogtown Project” (a coffee table book about “the best things in Toronto”). This year he was featured in Spacing Magazine, “The SCA Journal”, & a great profile in “Neighborhood Living”. He was also commissioned by the TV series “Bomb Girls” to produce artwork for their show.