Vanessa McKernan

Medium: Painting | Location: Toronto, Ontario

Vanessa McKernan received her honors BFA in Studio Art from Concordia University in 2006 and was also awarded the Cecil Buller – John J.A. Murphy Scholarship for Drawing. Vanessa has exhibited within Canada, the United States and Central America. She currently works in her studio located in Toronto’s historical Distillery District.

As a painter Vanessa creates fictional narratives that blend imagery taken from dreams, memories, theatrical performance and sometimes exaggerated fragments of real life events. In these painted stories the form of the human figure is used as a vehicle through which she can explore the fragility of humanity. More specifically Vanessa is recently interested in how the human form can act as a sort of omen within the painting’s composition; foreshadowing tragedy, mediocrity, or a move towards some kind of greatness through distortion, broken posture and the repetition of limbs.

Vanessa works primarily with oils on canvas, mylar and wax to create her pieces.