About Us

Hello world! It’s time to meet some of your best.

Bold statement?
Well, we just happen to be unabashedly patriotic…and pretty excited about what we’re up to!

We’ve always known Canada has its fair share of the world’s best artists, designers and makers.
This country is as vast as it is beautiful. And our talent pool runs deep.

But there’s a lot of noise out there. A lot competing for your attention.
Chaotic. Overwhelming. Hit or miss.

Sometimes even the best get lost in the shuffle.

Enter Foxsly!

The new platform connecting you to outstanding Canadian creatives
and their inspiring, timeless works.

We thought it was about time to assemble some of our emerging and established talent in one place.

What you’ll find here is a unique marketplace showcasing a carefully selected collection of
Canadian art, design and handcrafted works.

But it wouldn’t be very Canadian unless we
welcomed the world to enjoy it with us!

Canadian made. Canadian curated.

More hits than misses.