Saw Carved Nesting Spheres $440.00

By: Courtney Downman | Location: Oakville, Ontario


Hand blown and saw carved decorative glass nesting vessels (2 pcs)

6″ x  5½” x  5½”
Made to order ~ please allow 14-21 business days prior to shipping


Click on the supplemental image to choose from twelve colour options (main image featured in Aurora & Salmon). You may also specify the density of your colour choice (light to dark). After ordering, please use the Contact Me button on my profile page to send me a message confirming your selections!


NOTE: **Since these are custom made, slight variations from the main image may occur.

This is a made to order piece.

About Courtney Downman

My work combines the processes of glassblowing and cold-working, using both engraving wheels and the diamond saw to carve my blown glass forms.


My 'Carved' series begins with a blown glass form made by gathering and shaping the molten material. Once cooled the glass becomes rigid like stone. I delicately carve the blown glass to create a linear texture and raw edges. This series highlights glass’ ability to appear and act as both liquid and solid. The glass is formed as a liquid and then is carved when hardened. This duality allows me to use hot and cold processes to explore line and texture. The fluid bubble of glass slowly transitions into a rough and jagged edge. My work acts as a visual representation of this transition from liquid to solid; fluidity to rigidity, and strength to fragility.