Hefty Cuff Single Bracelets $325.00

By: Suzanne Spisani | Location: Point Edward, Ontario


Hand forged Sterling silver hefty cuff.


Your size in small, medium or large.


Choose from the top ridged cuff A, or the bottom flat cuff, B.


Each cuff bracelet is handmade to order so slight variations will occur.


Note: Price shown is for one single bracelet.  Not sold as a set.

This piece is produced in multiples.

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About Suzanne Spisani

Over the years Suzanne has been drawn to simplicity and balance, in life and in her craft. These are two key elements that are reflected in her work as she creates focusing on quality craftsmanship, custom designs and personal connection.


As a Goldsmith and Custom Designer, Spisani takes steps in hopes to ensure her craft will continue for generations to come. She offers high quality ethical options such as recycled gold and silver, ethically sourced and reclaimed gems, Canadian diamonds. In the process of creating she uses alternatives that are biodegradable and less harmful for her and the earth when possible.